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Loft design +75 photo arrangement of a room in a private

The design of the attic in a private house is a kind of transformation of a "useful" floor. Work on it can be done even during construction or, if necessary, after the operation. First, let's see what the difference is between the attic and the

Modern small house - a corner of silence in the middle of a

Modern small house from Kouichi Kimura Architects from the Japanese workshop Kouichi Kimura built a modern small house for a 50-year-old couple. The family lives in a densely populated area. The customers were asked to develop a design of the

Beautiful house - 50 photos in modern decoration

Buying a plot of land, a lot of ideas are born in the head, as the future dwelling will look like on it. But it's quite difficult to build a beautiful house on your own. In most cases, many jobs are done by professionals, but the owner still has to

House for a cold climate: new construction technologies

House for a cold climate by designer Andrew Michler, Colorado, USA A house for a cold climate is always built using thermal insulation materials. Until now, the most popular of them was a foam plastic, laid between concrete blocks and interior trim,

Ecohouse from the pressed earth organically blended into the

Ecohouse with earth walls in Montijo The house from the architectural studio Blaanc, whose walls are formed of layers of compacted land, is located in the middle of the vineyard in Montijo, in Portugal. Country house in the Portuguese vineyard The

Comfort on wheels for free spirit - great design of a small

The talented specialist and decorator Vina Lustado (Vina Lustado) has designed and designed an original house on her own plot that impresses visitors with its creativity and incredibly high functionality. It has small dimensions and a modest area of

Country style in the design of the house (60 ideas of a

"Country" in English means "village", "countryside". Accordingly, the house in the style of the country reflects the nature of the territory where it is located. Wooden blinds on the windows create an atmosphere of rural warmth and coziness. The

Projects of small houses: a cheerful canadian community on

Today we will introduce you to the Canadian community, which is located near the city of Trinity in the town of Newfoundland and Labrador. In Canada there is a saying: "If you build, they will come." In this case, guests are meant, and the building

Practical interior design in a small house and all its

Interior design of a small house: photo Photo of interior design of small houses often attract attention. But, despite its charm and charm, tiny country houses have ceased to be a unique phenomenon. They must have their own individuality to win the

Ideas for the design of a village house (59 fabulous houses)

The design of a village house can be anything. Everything depends on the desires and preferences of people who will reside in it. It's great when there is a country house or a country house. Away from the city you can relax, relax and forget about
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