Houses and villas

Artistic interior design of a small house

Interior of a small house with an area of ​​51 m2 Studio NZI Architectes designed a stylish interior of a small house. Designers decided to leave unchanged one of the walls - stone, and the rest to decorate in white and install new large windows. For

Interior of the house on wheels called hotel prius

Interior of the house on wheels 27-year-old Chris Sawey organized in his car the interior of the house on wheels. He modified his car Toyota Prius and called it the Hotel Prius. A car equipped with everything you need, with an "attic" and a bicycle

Romantic french style in the interior of the house (62

French style in the interior is a combination of many nuances, smooth shapes and exquisite decor. Interiors in this style allow you to immerse yourself in the light and airy atmosphere of France. The most romantic style demands observance of many

Design a narrow house: a puzzle for the designer

Design of a narrow house from Japanese architects The design of the narrow house was designed by Japanese architects. They called it the house "where people and cats live happily." Its width is only 1.8 m, height - 11 m, and the total area of ​​the

Absolutely stunning tree house with own hands

House on the tree with your own hands To build a house on the tree with your own hands is a pleasure. The nomadic way of life still has its advantages: reducing the cost of living, no work to care for and maintenance of real estate, the opportunity

A wooden house with a staircase: one of the economical

A wooden house with a staircase from the architect Jeff de Ruyter A house on a tree with a ladder is a kind of financial security. Some citizens build them to save on mortgages, others turn them into a suburban residence for recreation or renting.

Comfortable houseboat: photo and description

A small houseboat: photo from the outside This time our attention was drawn to the object, surrounded by a halo of romance, and this is a houseboat. Photos of this truly unique home, it seems to us, awaken fantasy and craving for distant wanderings.

Design of a small private house: minimum area, maximum

Design of a small private house from Room To Move The design of a small private house, many prefer to do on their own. This impulse is most often dictated by the desire to save money. But there is another category of homeowners, who prefer to shift

Design studio for the artist from midden studio

Design Studio by Midden Studio Recently, the architects of Midden Studio presented the design of a surrealistic atavistic studio with very interesting elements. This art studio with an unusual facade is located by the river on the west coast of

Small private house in denmark: cozy design

Cozy design of a small private house Often, the correct design of a small private house can solve the problem of space. Popular in our days the Scandinavian style in the interior is very simple at all stages from decoration to the placement of
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