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Interior of the house from laminated veneer lumber +50 photo

Time flies faster, along with its running, the rhythm of everyday life accelerates, people drown in their worries, and as a result they do not have time to look around, enjoy life. It would seem that it interferes with rest and relaxation in the home

Why do many people choose compact cottages as their

In the 1950s, the average area of ​​a typical American house was just over 90 square meters. meters. By 2004, this indicator rose to 217 square meters. meters. But is it really more - it means better? Demand for compact country cottages is not

Interior design of a small house in california - a small

A competent interior design of a small house always has a positive effect on the quality of life and the mood of its inhabitants. Growth of popularity of the style of the 50's is now observed in various areas of decorative art and architecture. One

House on wheels for a family of four people can be beautiful

A wave on the roof and blue from below call the house on wheels for the family to the sea The creator of compact homes Greg Parham of Durango, Colorado, built this unusual house on wheels for a family of 4 people. This creation, called Pecod (by the

How to use artificial stone in the interior

Artificial stone arose long ago. They can be called even the most common brick. However, here we are talking about an artificial stone for interior decoration. It can be used to create an interior of any style. In this article, read:1 Advantages of

Kitchen design in a private house +130 photo of interior

Modern stylistics of kitchen design recommends to follow a set of rules, from designing the house to finishing. Kitchen interior requires practicality, functionality, but allows you not to stick to patterns, apply bright colors and original

Compact house of a strange shape in japan

Two-storey house of a strange shape Where do you think this house is of a strange shape? Probably, many of you will immediately say that there is only one country where it will look quite organic and not cause general astonishment. This is a country

Modern design: from an ordinary house with a garage in an

Modern house design with garage The garage, about which you will read in our article, is located on the slope in the hot place of Rokas de Santo Domingo, Chile. On the garage there is a small summer house, and both buildings were designed by

A tiny detached house with a studio layout - excellent

Small is not bad. Our site offers today to look at the guests in a nice corner where a Swedish student lives. How to create a quality space in the house, the area of ​​which is slightly more than 8 square meters. m? The housing commission AF

Original interior design of a small studio house

Interior design of a small house Компания Apollo Architects & Assosiates завершила строительство наиболее высокого здания японской префектуры Айти, в котором есть одновременно художественная галерея и комнаты для комфортного семейного отдыха.
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