Houses and villas

E2a project - tower in london

Tower in London: apartment building with a glazed facade This time our attention was attracted by the tower in London, but this is not one of those pretentious structures, which are many in this metropolis. No, this is not a Shard and not even a

The original project of a narrow two-story house from

The project of a narrow two-story house was designed and implemented by the Australian architects Hearing the expression "project of a narrow two-story house", many of us will decide that it is about the next work of some Japanese architect. Although

The original construction of houses from containers

Building houses from containers in Arizona The construction of houses from containers looks exotic. New housing project from old containers in Arizona. Construction is in full swing on Grand Street in Phoenix. There is already a list of waiting

Ready-made mini-house project: interesting ideas

Ready-made mini-house project: we build with the mind Such a ready-made mini-house project is the cherished dream of many. Those wishing to have their own homes literally lined up for the exhibition at the Toronto's National Home Show. After all, you

The cinematographer turned an ordinary van into a modern

Zach Both made a house on wheels with his own hands Surely almost every one of us in my childhood dreamed of making a house on wheels with my own hands. There is a huge amount of stereotypes about people who want to live differently from everyone. If

Projects of small houses with a unique style

Stylish designs of small open-plan houses Greater means the best - not always true, especially in densely populated cities. Fortunately, a designer with proper experience can turn any small apartment into a stylish and functional apartment. The

Interior of a country house in the role of a love nest

Interior of a country house with a mezzanine level We often consider the interior of a suburban house of compact dimensions from the point of view of aesthetics, first of all evaluating the external attractiveness of one or another of its components.

Choosing a design for stairs

According to a common legend, the idea of ​​creating ladders was planted by animals. Goat paths, which had improvised steps, became the prototype of this design. The oldest staircase was found in the salt mine. It was made of wood, but it retained

Bright life and unusual little houses

Unusual small houses in eco-style Unusual small houses are gaining popularity every year. This happens thanks to those who wish to simplify their lives, make it bright or change completely. Under the requests of modernity, mini-houses are constantly

Building a house of 6x8 bar with an attic: the project and

If you choose to build a house of 6x8 bar with an attic, the project can be prepared independently. The construction of this size makes it possible to equip a lot of functional rooms. At the same time, the house will look compact and neat. The
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