Houses and villas

Design of private house facades

Beautiful and stylish design of the facade of the house will make it stand out among the many buildings. But the materials chosen for the work are also of practical value. They can protect the walls of the structure from the negative effects of

Mini-house design: learn to save space

Design mini-home. Project Frank Lloyd The design of a mini-house is quite a topical issue today. After all, the economic recession makes you want to save on everything. But this is not a modern innovation. Even in times of the Great Depression, the

The subtleties of english style in the design of a country

The design of the house in the English style is an eternal classic, which is still popular today, with a large number of admirers. English interior is considered one of the most difficult for most designers and includes mixed styles, being eclectic.

Reasonable use of space in the interior of a small home in

Interior of a small house in Taiwan How to make the interior of a small house look bigger than it really is? After all, not all homeowners can boast of such luxury as the abundance of space, especially for residents of large cities. But even the most

Ecombo - this is a rustproof mini-house on wheels with

Mini-house on wheels from the company Ecombo For those who are all life on the road, a company from New Zealand Ecombo has produced a caravan that is a mini-house on wheels. The body of the motorhome is protected from corrosion and equipped with a

Kitchen design in a wooden house - 60 examples of interior

A tree is a universal material. With its help you can build all kinds of structures: from modest country cottages to upscale estates from a log house. However, regardless of the exterior of the wooden house, its atmosphere inside must meet all the

Original indoor-open house with two terraces

Indoor-open house with a concrete terrace under a canopy Speaking about the indoor-open house, we mean that it closely interacts with the external environment, and some of its spaces are designed for outdoor leisure. It is difficult to find a person

Surprisingly, lovely small living areas with maximum comfort

Tiny houses with incredible convenience There are ten modern ideas for placing a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, a dining room and even a library in a house with one small room. These remarkable innovative solutions will help everyone achieve the

Russian furnaces in the modern interior of private houses

Some time ago Russian furnaces in the modern interior were replaced by fireplaces in most houses, but today the fashion for the Russian oven returned. This option of design of a cottage house allows creating a stylish, cozy interior, and reliable

Dream of a snowboarder: photo of a house in the mountains

Photo of a house in the mountains Photo of this house in the mountains and invites you to come to visit. Photographer and professional snowboarder Mike Basich after retirement on a small piece of land in the mountains for five years built a house.
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