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The project of a small apartment house, created for modern

The project of a small apartment house The project of a small apartment house из картона кажется невероятным. Тем не менее, можно было наблюдать, как самые именитые архитекторы и дизайнеры используют этот материал для строительства массивных

What features does the scandinavian house have (45 design

The Scandinavian house is a general concept that includes the architectural culture and traditions of our northern neighbors - the peoples of Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway. Severe nature of the north has found its reflection in architecture. This

Comfortable and comfortable life in a small house of true

Today we will meet with a married couple - Chris and Malissa Tack, who decided to build a small house in the suburbs of Washington (USA). Its area is only 18 square meters. But this does not prevent the beloved from remaining happy. Let's take a

Interior design of the house +150 photo

The house is the place where we rest, we are charged with energy, we gain strength. Therefore, the arrangement of a house or apartment is an important matter for everyone. Always want to have a nice atmosphere at home, but the atmosphere is cozy.

How to draw up projects of country houses with a mansard 6x6

Any land plot owner plans to build a house on the plot. This will help him projects of holiday homes with a mansard 6x6 m. Without these documents it is impossible to obtain a building permit. In addition, from the competent planning depends the

Kitchen design in the country: ideas and advice

The dacha is a temporary, usually summer cottage in the wilderness, which the owners visit only in certain seasons of the year. They come here for different purposes. Some can not live without a quiet, leisurely vacation in nature in the summer:

Non-standard solutions for a house project on a small plot

House project on a small plot Creative Studio RAS recently completed a project at home on a small site in Manhattan Beach, California, USA. This compact, but roomy and functional housing is a real challenge to small lands with serious limitations in

Kitchen design in a country house +75 photo

The center of any dwelling is the kitchen. This especially applies to a country house, since the premises are characterized by considerable size, the household spend a lot of time here. U-shaped layout is one of the most successful.Work nodes,

Functional design of a country house inside: photo and

Design of a country house inside: a photo from the side of the living room We suggest you evaluate a very interesting design of a country house inside. The photos of the ultra-compact, but modern and comfortable dwellings presented in this article,

Architecture in a small area - an instrument for renovating

Architecture in a small square: an ultra-compact residential building in Busan Architecture in a small area is traditionally in demand and perspective direction of urban development in the countries of Asia. In the conditions of overcrowding and the
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