Houses and villas

The house on wheels invites to a nostalgic journey

The house on wheels with an improvised patio If you need to urgently raise your spirits, be sure to read our article, for the house on wheels, which we will tell you, causes an involuntary smile from everyone who sees it. This is a do-it-yourself

Creating a modern room: photo of the prefabricated house

Photo of prefabricated house These photos of the prefab house will show how you can save space. In this example, the project of the prefab house, made by designers from Hong Kong, which was named the house of the new generation, is shown. One

The project of a very small house that can be parked on any

The project of a very small house on wheels Gabriella Grace from New Zealand created a project of a very small house - an area of ​​only 16 sq.m. Her father helped her to realize the project, building it from the material already used and adding

Compact house in tokyo - a small architectural marvel

Compact house from Unemori Architects An unusual compact house was designed by architects of the Japanese company Unemori Architects. A small house in which a couple lives together with a child is located in the busy Tokyo district. Neighboring

Spectacular house in mediterranean style (54 beautiful

The house in the Mediterranean style due to its origin and architecture peculiarities is due to the warm climate of the Mediterranean coast. The design and interior were influenced by the national characteristics of the countries, the coast of which

A small house on wheels with a luxurious bed and kitchen

A small house on wheels: a view from the inside It is obvious that a small house on wheels can not become a full-fledged and permanent home, and there are many reasons for that. The most significant of them is legal, but in many countries this

A tiny house with a big soul

Stylish interior of a tiny house Tiny houses are considered an ideal option for singles and couples. However, there are many examples of living in such homes families of four people, as well as couples with dogs. Driftwood Homes from South Carolina

Design of a modern bedroom in the attic: 35 photo examples

Once upon a time, the attic of Paris was a dwelling place for the poor, a haven of impoverished bohemians. Over time, it has become a full-fledged residential space of multi-storey buildings, and in country cottages - a source of additional square

Installation of windows in a wooden house - 20 photos of

At the final stage of construction of any house there is a procedure for installing windows, and then go to the interior finish. The installation of windows in a wooden house has a number of features that must be taken into account in order to avoid

The design of the townhouse in a modern style

The townhouse absorbed all the best that is in the apartment and the country house. Life in the town house - escape from the city turmoil in the village silence. But the escape is temporary, because villages with such houses are built at arm's length
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