Houses and villas

Design of a private house inside

Many people dream of a house in the village, and some even have it. After buying a country villa, a small country house, the question arises of its successful, ergonomic improvement. The interior decoration of a country house differs from the design

Modern wooden houses in high-tech style (52 ideas)

Progress does not stand still, and with the development of technology requirements for homes are also growing. Wooden houses in high-tech style have become very popular lately. The number of variations, types of installation and facade will not leave

Interior of the log house - 30 photos of the interior design

Прошли времена, когда фраза «интерьер бревенчатого дома» ассоциировалась со скромным убранством дачного сруба, низкими потолками, маленькими оконцами. Современный бревенчатый дом может быть очень разным: огромной избой, отделанной под древнерусские

Small houses take the baton from the architecture of the

Small houses will always be in demand There is every reason to believe that small houses today are much more than just objects of architecting experiments. We do not mean specific constructions, but the trend as a whole. The tendency to increase the

Minimalist house on wheels for a family holiday in nature

Designer Christina Hristova from Bulgaria came up with this house on wheels for recreation Mobile home on wheels for recreation makes it possible to be closer to nature. It allows you to drive away from the city bustle. Not all townspeople like to

Interior of a wooden house: colors, materials, decor

To develop the interior of a wooden house is an interesting task for those who do not think of suburban life without binding to nature, appreciate ecological materials, take care of the health of the family, consider the time spent in the forest as

All i carry with me - the original design of a mobile small

In today's fascinating story, we demonstrate to your attention the magnificent design of the cottage, which was designed and implemented by designers and specialists of the architectural company Cushman Design Group in the American metropolis

What are the modern houses on wheels: a photo inside the

Comfortable houses on wheels: photo inside the trailer with wooden trim Our attention was again attracted to the houses on wheels. Photos inside one of them make one believe that such dwellings can be comfortable and very beautiful. The very concept

Traveling in a house on wheels: how a minibus became a real

Kira Sutton and his house on wheels in a minibus The house on wheels in a minibus is a great idea for those who are not attached to the place and like to visit different places. Travel can take any form, whether it's hiking to dozens of kilometers,

A small country house with windows in the ceiling

A small country house - a view of the entire building There is a trick to a small country house seemed bigger. It is necessary to pour a tiny space with as much natural light as possible. This idea will help glass hatches in the ceiling. They are
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