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Create a design for a tiny house: advice of professional

Design a tiny house from D.C. The design of the tiny house, developed by the specialists of the company D.C., was not in vain the winner of the Washington architectural award AIA. After all, this is a truly unique project, ideally suited for

A durable modern house made of containers

Beautiful modern house from the containers on the open terrace Buying a modern house from containers, you get a full design. The architecture of the containers of fans is growing. The idea of ​​re-using strong steel boxes appeals to the adherents of

Great opportunities for a small house in the forest

Ecuadorian small house in a forest with a moss roof This small house in the forest was built like 100 years ago. One of the problems of architecture in the Modern style is that in some countries it has supplanted the traditional construction

One-storey houses from a bar - 43 beautiful photos

Recently, people increasingly prefer to build houses made of wood. So, for example, single-storey houses from a bar can become not only a dacha option, but also a full-fledged housing within the city limits. Such a home can be reliably protected from

Unusual tree house: comfort and a bit of magic

Unusual tree house Do you like unusual houses on the tree from Baumraum? These are freestanding buildings that are not located directly on the tree, but are closely adjacent to them, forming a canopy. Architects in Baumraum say that the project was

Unusual interior of a hut in a deserted forest

Guess what the interior of the hut in the forest can be Tiny houses are not new, but this interior of the hut is special. In fact, the structure itself can be considered a regress to the origins, when people wandered by caravans and lived in

Design of a cellar in a private house +75 photo

To begin with it is necessary to differentiate concepts of a cellar, a cellar and a ground floor. The first room is part of the foundation, it is completely below the ground level and is often adapted to accommodate communications. The ground floor

Consonance of architecture and light: the interior of a

The interior of a small house represents functionality and coziness The increased residential area of ​​this one-story country house in Sydney, built in the distant 60's, completely covers the trellised wooden screen. It forms a protective surface,

Interesting ideas for design of a private house number

Beautiful house room design Each house without exception has its own number. But who are interested in boring numbers and tablets? We present to your attention 10 original ideas for the design of the house number. 1 Large numbers on the sliding gates

A tiny revolving house in portland follows the sun

The rotating house has very compact dimensions This unusual rotating house seems to quote the Beatles: "I follow the sun." Bernard Shaw and his rotating barn A hundred years ago, George Bernard Shaw wrote his best work in his rotating barn. He had
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