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The interior of a private small house: we use the materials

Pots with spreading plants perfectly fit into the interior of this small private house It is worthwhile for you to climb the steps and look inside this house, as he instantly charms you with his shabby chic and bright colors. And just a pile of

Eco-friendly house for students - 10 square meters of

What an amazing ideas for home decoration you will not find, considering achievements of creators modern interior design! Here, for example, is an exhibit of the Virserum Art Museum in Smaland, Sweden. It is a small student mini-apartment. The

Attractive interior of a small guest apartment in the ski

It's nice to feel away from home. Today's story about how such an atmosphere was created in a small apartment that is nestled in the French Alps. This is a living room - a guest apartment in the ski resort of Les Menuires. The project was

Comfortable small thrifty house

A small thrifty house in the woods Is it convenient to live in a small economy house? All fans of tiny houses are invited to Alex Malamed's accommodation on Walnut Street. The interior is 27.8 m2, more like a large cozy rustic kitchen because of the

Scandinavian style in the interior of a country house + 100

Despite the rich history, the Scandinavian style looks quite modern. Although the direction has a number of signs and is subject to certain theses, it conveys rather the spirit, the color of Scandinavia, rather than its specific features. The most

Arrangement of a small house of 25 square meters

Internal arrangement of a small house When it comes to the arrangement of a small house, there are different problems. But have you ever heard of talking about an exploited green roof? Austrian Wohnwagon (you can call it - a residential car) with

A small design house: a project for allergy sufferers

A small design house from Superkül A small design house, which will be discussed today, looks very original. This project was presented by the specialist of architectural company Superkül Andre D'Elia in the framework of the forum Green Homes, which

Stylish ideas for small studio houses

Small houses with interesting design The size of the apartment can depend on how many people can simultaneously live here with comfort, or how big a sofa will be, and small houses directly dictate it. But the size should not set the style of the

Life in the house on wheels: a small step towards

Life in the house on wheels: small family joys Life in a house on wheels is both inviting and frightening. On the one hand - the feeling of infinite freedom, on the other - the lack of stability and a lot of inconvenience. Yes, and many do not

Charming country house design by the designer enza ricco

In today's reportage we will introduce you to the amazing and charming design of a country cottage designed and implemented by the talented designer Enza Ricco in the US state of Ontario. Let's enjoy the fascinating interior photography and look at
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