Sofa hamper sofa from passoni nature factory

In such a sofa you can immediately fall in love: beautiful lines, soft wooden details - very modern and aesthetic. Sofa Hamper Sofa was designed by designers Arturo Montanelli and Ezio Riva for the factory Passoni Nature.The company has been

Drowned in greenery, a luxurious mansion in portugal

House in Bom Jesus - private residence, designed Topos Atelier de Arquitectura. The modern two-storey mansion is located in the city of Braga in the north-west of Portugal. The client wanted his house to be presented in black and white with large

Casa mar mansion on the beach in san juan

Coleman-Davis Pagan Arquitectos recently completed the project of an apartment house Casa Mar In San Juan, Puerto Rico. This three-story mansion is located on coast, with a breathtaking view of the ocean and the city. Photogallery Total | 10 pictures

Stunning ergonomics of a limited space: how to fill the

How often do we face such a problem as a limited space of living space! In the design of such a room you need to be extremely cautious, and to achieve the best result you need to contact the design specialists. And in their wonderful hands, even the

Monochrome in the interior of a small room

Monochrome interior of a small room The designer from Saratov Anastasia Andreichenko presented the project of a monochrome interior of a small room combining a kitchen and a living room. The image created by her personifies painting, graphics, design

Design for pets: make out a place for eating a dog

When I say that there is nothing pleasant about stepping into a bowl filled with water, I say this from my experience. As a good pet owner, I always control the presence of fresh water in my puppy's bowl. She is in the kitchen, where I am often

"beautiful loft" - bold design of a living room for a

Style loft (translated from English - "top floor", attic, attic, pigeon ») was born in New York, Manhattan, closer to the middle of the last century. In the former industrial buildings on the attic floors of the houses began to appear artistic and

Design and zoning of the living room-studio

The idea of ​​creating studio apartments was first brought to mind by American architects. Premises with a similar layout quickly became fashionable. The word "studio" came to us from the Italian language, which denoted a spacious studio of artists

9 new products from ikea for gardeners: summer 2015

Just the other day IKEA shared its new and interesting design solutions for home and garden plants, as well as personal plots. Just in time, given that it is at this time in many of us an amateur horticulturist wakes up. Perhaps you prefer to

Cozy small living room - 45 good design ideas

The very name of this room means that it is here that you need to meet guests. However, sometimes the owners are uncomfortable - after all, a small room is not the most suitable place for friendly gatherings. Our photos will convince you that even
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