Unique furniture from siberian larch wood

At the moment, Siberian larch is in great demand in the building materials market, as this material is perfectly suited for exterior and interior decoration of premises, as well as for the production of various interior and exterior elements -

Living room in country style - 75 photos of beautiful design

Country style - the style that is considered by right the most cozy, homely. In the translation of country is "village", and therefore it is clear why this style is ideal for the embodiment of it in a cottage, a country house. Living room in the

Home tropics or how to use bamboo in the interior

Bamboo has a reputation for quality and environmentally friendly material. It is considered exotic and not appropriate for traditional design, however, a competent approach will harmoniously include bamboo in the interior.Features of bamboo Bamboo

Le pavillon des lettres - a great hotel in paris

The Pavilion of Letters отель в Paris, was opened in January 2011, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, near the street of Faubourg Saint Honore and consists of only 26 rooms and suites - each in the title has a letter from the name of the famous

Professional advice on the rational use and design of

What can be done with an extra room without specific functions, which is not large enough to be a full-fledged bedroom? Compact reception room Often this room acts as a children's or home office. Sometimes it simply stores unnecessary things.

25 photos of small bedrooms. choose your cozy bedroom

A person who loves to live for his pleasure, pays much attention to the qualitative design of his house. Not the last in this process is a place to sleep. And the size of the room does not matter. Below you can see photos of small bedrooms that

10 useful tips for the arrangement of a small space - create

Unfortunately, not every one of us can afford a spacious living space where you can equip your native walls with comfort and inherent freedom. But even a compact space should not be gloomy and dull. Today we offer our readers to get acquainted with

Original compact kitchen with a bright print on the facade -

One of the features of the kitchens shown at the week of design, which was held in Milan in 2010, is the presence of wide sliding doors. It became a fashionable idea of ​​a home interior. A beautiful kitchen room is also decorated with large glass

10 hot trends in the art deco style for your interior

If you want to revive art deco in your home, you are not alone! The art deco style is a visual and influential part of art and decor, which first appeared in France after the First World War. He embodies the strokes of the French, Egyptian and

Stretch ceilings in the living room - 120 photos of

In the modern world of design there is a huge variety of stylish options for applying a stretch ceiling. But, unfortunately, many of us, admiring the next photo of non-standard stretch ceilings, are afraid to recreate such a stylish solution in their
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