The interior of the library +50 photo examples of design

Reading will never go out of fashion, many have a certain number of literary publications purchased or inherited. The home library allows you to place a collection of books and serves as a place to relax. Gently placed bookshelves on the shelves

Innovative layout of a small room: great comfort in a small

Have you ever thought that a skilful innovative layout can turn a small, tight apartment into a masterpiece of interior design? Let's think about it. There are still tiny flats in the nature, and, to the greatest regret, there are a lot of them. The

Wardrobe in a small apartment

To have a separate place for outfits and accessories is now not only fashionable, but also profitable. When one zone is allocated for all things, the need for cabinets and chests that clutter the living space disappears. How to make a dressing room

Neoclassicism in interior design: laconicism, simplicity and

Neoclassicism in the interior - this is primarily flat rectangular shapes and textures, sustained in quiet, not screaming, tones, in other words, classical. However, in addition, in this design style, there must be some modern details and materials

Cosmetic renovation of the interior - we attach new features

To any of us from time to time comes the understanding that it is necessary to change something, if not in life as a whole, then at least around yourself. And then there is a desire to refresh your apartment. There are a lot of options to change the

A small living room? no problem! use competent advice from

Reception of guests, family gatherings and watching television - all these activities are often organized in the living room. But if this room does not have enough dimensions, and you think that this situation can not be fixed, it is simply

Interior in white style - the best photo of design ideas in

White color is associated with wealth and nobility, emphasizes at the same time sophistication and simplicity, while visually increasing and expanding the space. All these undoubted advantages of white color attract many owners of small apartments.

Living room in country style (71 design ideas)

The style of "Country" in the interior implies rural simplicity, minimalism of things and their functionality. In addition, the style is inherent in comfort, warmth, comfort, and even features of romanticism. In such an atmosphere it is pleasant to

Spectacular interior of a small kitchen in harmony of white

Kitchen in 8.5 sq. M. meters, made in the style of minimalism, rather laconic and, nevertheless, multifunctional. The whole room has a snow-white background: ceiling, walls, tiles on the floor. In this pure white bright spot stands out a kitchen set

Mirrors in the bathroom with a holographic effect, elia

Studio Elia Felices Interior Design has developed a completely new concept for the design of retail space, hotels, resorts, bathrooms and houses in the ultramodern style. The combination of creativity and technology has defined a new category of
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