11 free solutions for a stylish bedroom

Yes, yes, you were not mistaken: it is not necessary to spend a lot of money in order to make your bedroom stylish. In fact, in your power to make the interior of the room look impressive, and do not spend a penny. Who does not want to decorate his

Clock-alarm clock "target"

Clock-alarm clock "Target." For those who in the morning for a long time can not "tear" the eyes. At the set time, the alarm starts ringing, but to turn it off ... you need to show your sniper abilities. This gadget will definitely "make" you to wake

Functional design of a small kitchen: the latest design

Modern design of a small kitchen The design of a small kitchen is not easy to design, but modern designers are always ready to help. Today we want to introduce you to the products of the British company Magnet, which is a manufacturer of kitchen

The charm of nature: 5 ideas for placing an aquarium

You like to watch the swimming of small exotic fish and smooth swaying of seaweed, and also listen to the murmur of water. Now you can enjoy this extraordinary spectacle in every corner dream houses - a guest cabin, a boudoir, a study or a dining

Fashionable interior of 2018: +80 photos of novelties in the

The main slogan in 2018 will be "Only the right things." We will have to get rid of all the details of the interior, which do not carry any functional load. In the coming year, fashion will come in style, bordering on minimalism. In this case,

13 modular furniture elements for modest apartments -

In today's article we will introduce you to an incredible and cognitive selection of furniture elements that have a modular unfolding design that allows you to incredibly decorate a living room and save square meters. For our respected readers, we

Leather set: sofa and armchairs, from the designer alex hull

Alex Hull was born in 1981 in Chester, UK. His passion for working with natural materials and in particular with wood comes from his father, a professional carpenter.Alex was interested in design from an early age, but as a child he wanted to do more

The ideal solution for a small kitchen - the functionality

A small kitchen is almost always a lot of furniture and little space. There is not something to cook - it's cramped! How to expand the area without resorting to construction work? How to revive your favorite corner of the house so that it brings

The unity of opposites - the use of large items of decor in

In today's story, we will introduce you to the great ideas for creating compact apartments with the help of large items of furniture and ornaments that give the space a sense of visual depth and depth. At present, compact furniture is a standard

How to decorate a small apartment with natural wood -

The use of wooden planks as a wall decoration in the city apartment is quite unusual and at the same time very attractive. Your guests will appreciate this exotic decoration for them. Look at this little Swedish apartment. It feels like you are in a
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