Functionality and laconism of the living room in the style

An excellent solution in the interior of the apartment will be a living room in the style of high-tech, which in English means "high technology". Features of a high-tech living room: the use of straight lines, simple geometric shapes; in building

7 practical recommendations how to equip the children's

A small child in a family is a lot of trouble. During the day he does not give rest, but at night he deprives all household members of sleep. It seems that it is impossible to solve such a problem. Is it so? We do not know how to eradicate it, but

Excellent examples of design of small interiors of kitchens

Small interiors can be comfortable and in a properly arranged kitchen you can cook even with two. We offer to see how the issue of space and comfort was solved by some owners of small houses and apartments. Matt Steinglass with his family lives in

With favorites do not leave: interesting ideas for placing a

If we consider a balcony as a place to rest in the open air, and not an area for storing things that the owners of the house have not yet decided to part with, the change in the concept of external space entails a fascinating creative search for

Features of empire style furniture (60 royal design ideas)

Furniture in the Empire style is famous for its splendor, aristocracy, grandeur, strict clarity of forms, heavy chic decorations and decoration. The purpose of this style is to demonstrate power and well-being, power and greatness, to convey the

Unusual interiors of bathrooms

Traditional classical baths are on the market in a wide range. But among this abundance you can find baths of unusual shapes and with interesting design of the legs. There are many design projects for their installation, and each of them, depending

10 tips that completely change your opinion about small

What is it to have a small living room and problems stemming from its modest size, today many people know. But what does it mean to have a living room, the quality of its design does not depend on its scale, unfortunately, only one knows. 10 tips to

Tips for decorating the kitchen in the "khrushchev" - a

The main enemy of the kitchen in such apartments is a small area. In fact, the whole room fits on 6 square meters. But this problem can be solved, armed with useful advice and small tricks, captured in the photo from our gallery. An excellent

An incredibly convenient solution for a small apartment from

Today we propose to pay attention to the amazing in its simplicity and convenience of the premises, which is located in the heart of the capital of Spain, provides decent living conditions and complete comfort for one person. This design was created

31 version of the original hidden moves and secret rooms

It is unclear why such beautiful places are sometimes inaccessible to people. Secret rooms, created by these masters, contain a lot of interesting riddles and stories. People, like in all ages, like to surround themselves with mystery. 1 This such a
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