How to make a kitchen design in a classical style - 25

In the life of every homeowner, one day comes a time of fatigue from modern screaming blooms, neon colors, glossy surfaces. The human soul is tired of rabid technogenic speeds, asks for stability, reliability and noble chic. Here comes to the rescue

We decorate the dining area in the kitchen

Under the home hearth is meant not only a burning fireplace and a cozy bed, but also a special place for a comfortable meal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are not just a joint meal for drowning hunger, but also one more way to unite with your family,

Design kitchen in the style of provence +65 photo

Provence is one of the most interesting styles in the interior, which harmoniously combines natural natural shades, simple decoration items, modern furniture, household items. Such diversity and identity of style appeared not without reason. Provence

Arrangement of kitchen design 4 sq.m. m

The terrible sleep of the inhabitants of the Khrushchev - kitchen design 4 sq. M. I liked the elegant buffet, hands reach for the button "order", but after a minute comes the realization that, in addition to the secretary, only the refrigerator can

Kitchen design with gas column - 26 photo examples

Gas pipes and equipment do not add aesthetics to the room, especially to a small one, such as in a hruschevka. The design of a kitchen with a gas column is a time-consuming task, requiring additional efforts. To make this rather bulky unit an

Bar counter for the kitchen - 110 photos of the ideas of

The favorite attribute of the bar attendants - the bar counter - has confidently passed its milestone for catering equipment and has firmly established positions in the interiors of home kitchens. Today such an element is not only an avant-garde

Kitchen design in rustic style - interior decoration with

Kitchen is a place where an ordinary person spends a lot of time cooking, or absorbing food and drinks. Some even drag a laptop into this room for easy viewing of serials and the Internet. Therefore, for the interior of the kitchen in the rustic

Design of a narrow kitchen - tips and examples

If at the disposal of the family there was a kitchen premise, which can not be called close to a square, but is easier to characterize as a long and elongated one, then there is a need to develop such a design of a narrow kitchen in the repair, so

Kitchen design 5 sq.m. m. - compact solutions for a small

Small kitchen 5 sq.m. m - not an occasion to be upset. Any room can be made comfortable, respecting ergonomics and functional zoning. The compactness of the kitchen is, rather, the virtue than the lack. A competent approach to the issue of equipping

Advantages and disadvantages of corner kitchen

Kitchen installation is a very important and demanding task. After all, it is necessary to know how to do it correctly and properly, prepare for such a task. There are houses with huge, and very small spaces for kitchens. Each option has its own
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