Kitchen design 8 sq m - 30 photo examples

To equip a small kitchen to make it turn from a banal, improvised premises into a comfortable, beautiful space for life and communication is not difficult. Learn how to create a kitchen design 8 sq. M. m not only comfortable and functional, but also

Dark kitchen - 75 photos of unusual interior design of a

The human brain is so arranged that it is easier to perceive light colors than dark ones. It is white, blue and yellow - associated with ease, relaxation and freedom. What can not be said about bright, saturated and dark colors. Apparently, for this

Interior design of the kitchen area of ​​10 sq. m (48 photos

Many specialists who design the interiors of the premises, say that create a kitchen design 10 square meters. m more difficult than the design of such a room with a smaller footprint. Perhaps, because it is more difficult to create a design project,

Wall decoration in the kitchen: 30 photos of modern design

Kitchen repair occupies one of the main positions in the equipment of the apartment, and the decoration of the walls in the kitchen deserves special attention, the variants of which will be considered in this article. The kitchen is a special place

Design of the orange kitchen +75 photo examples

Creating a bright warm design of the premises in the house requires careful selection of the used furniture and furniture. After all, you can create an amazing design of orange cuisine by combining different colors. These can be catchy or soft muted

Fashionable kitchen design in khrushchev (75 photos of

The area of ​​your kitchen barely reaches five, six square meters? No problem, the design of the kitchen in Khrushchev can also be made cute and even stylish. It will take only a little imagination and a sufficient amount of money to make kitchen

Kitchen design in minimalism style

Kitchen - one of the most important premises of an apartment, a country house. Here they prepare and eat food, rest with a cup of tea and work for a laptop, sometimes even receive guests. One of the most popular styles today is minimalism. This style

Kitchen design with a bar counter - 80 photos of ideas

Kitchen space plays a big role in people's lives. In the warmth and comfort of the kitchen, the family spends time during morning breakfasts, family dinners or weekend meals. The multifunctionality of this special place makes the issue of decorating

Kitchen design 15 sq. m. m. - choose the appropriate option

The more space in the kitchen, the more comfortable the hostess feels. Since she has the opportunity to place all the kitchen accessories in their places. When choosing a style, you do not have to limit yourself, since the layout of a large kitchen

How to make kitchen design in khrushchev modern

The inconveniences caused by the small kitchen space are familiar to many residents of Russia - close kitchens are a reminder of Soviet times and are often referred to as "Khrushchevs." Usually it is 5-6 sq. M. meters of space with low ceilings and
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